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Full Service Digital Marketing Consultant 

Hashtagme Consulting is a full service digital marketing company specializing in brand development, creative content, website design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.  



Online Marketing

Digital marketing is constantly changing and there are multiple effective ways to reach customers.  The goal is to build their trust in your brand, reach them at the right place and time so that they ultimately make a purchase.  Google ads, social media marketing, SEO campaigns, Influencer marketing, and analytics are some of the many ways we can improve your marketing efforts, increase your online presence and grow your brand.  Online Marketing is all about being present and staying present at the right moment to capture the customer.


Understanding who you are, your goals for your company and having a clear vision of who your customers are and where you can best reach them is crucial to building your brand.  There are imperative steps that you must take before you can successfully build your online identity and begin marketing your brand.  We can help you each step of the way as you develop your brand identity and story to clearly share your message so that customers will listen and value your relevance and expertise in the industry.  



In order to stay relevant and understand your marketing reach and budget, you need to have clear idea of how effective your online marketing campaigns are working and how they need to be adjusted to achieve the highest possible profitability for your company.  We can help you adjust and manage your advertising to reach your customers where and when you want and we can analyze the results to see how each campaign is doing.   This is an imperative step to maximize your marketing goals and ROI.


Amy Harris

Creative minded, strategic, and results driven, Amy is a marketing and advertising strategist with experience in business and brand development. Whether developing or repositioning a brand, Amy revels in the creative process and the challenge to continually find unique outlets to help the business grow.

As a small business developer and owner, Amy understands the advantages of flexibility, innovation and boldness when creating or promoting a brand. She relishes in the process of market research and engaging in customer loyalty. Amy has extensive experience with learning about and understanding the emotive and rational needs of customers and responding with creative measures to continually reach and engage them.  She is passionate about helping clients understand who their customers are, reaching them at the best time and place to influence their purchase decision, creating a more targeted marketing approach and ultimately growing brand awareness and increasing sales.  


If you are ready to increase your online presence, grow your social media, engage your customers, improve your website's interactive capabilities, and analyze the results, so is she!  So let's get started.

Specialties and Skills: business development, brand strategies, web design, ad design, social media marketing, media buying, sales, online brand presence and reputation, customer relations, consumer research, market research, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Premier, Wix and Wordpress, Microsoft Office, Google Ads, Adwords, Analytics, SEO, SEM, business plan development, financial modeling, public relations, catering sales, hospitality.

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Amy Harris

Dallas, TX

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